Villette Reflections 2: It Gets Better*

In my last reflection, I wasn’t so happy with the way Villette was going. I’m happy to report that after an afternoon of reading, it’s definitely gotten better. Maybe it’s because I read the back of the book (which revealed events that happen more than halfway through the book and told me who the real love interest is supposed to be), but I was also pleased with a combination of events.

First, I learned that I had been wrong to dismiss the possibility that Lucy could have a crush on Dr. John/Graham. Either I’m really bad at picking up cues, or there was absolutely no indication that she had more than a cousin-ly affection for him until he sent her that letter. (I don’t think they’re actually cousins, but they kind of seem like it.) So I guess I shouldn’t have second-guessed myself.

The second is that Polly is back! I realized it was her even before the narrator did. After the trick she pulled with Dr. John, I was a bit annoyed with her for trying to pull it with Polly, but, as it turned out that she actually hadn’t recognized her, I let it go.

Now that my faith in Bronte has been restored and I can see the budding romances, I’m feeling a lot more grounded in the story. I can cheer for Polly, I can hope that the guy who’s supposed to be Lucy’s ultimate love interest starts being more likeable and less bossy and controlling, and I can say “Wow, that took a long time to unfold.”

Not many pages left now! Should have my review up soon, provided I don’t get swamped with homework this week.

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