Great Expectations Reflections Part 1:

Pip, I’m so disappointed in you!

For those of you who didn’t know, Pip is the main character of Great Expectations. He’s a small orphan boy who was raised by his bad-tempered sister and her kind husband, the blacksmith. He was such a nice little boy. Not completely without flaws, but his flaws were easily forgiveable.

So I’m reading along enjoying myself a good deal (See my post Reading Dickens Can Be Fun?), Pip becomes apprentice to Joe the blacksmith and he’s dissatisfied at first because of the effect of Miss Havisham and particularly Estella. I accept this because I think that it will pass once he gets over his infatuation. Really, all he needs is to find another girl who’s just as pretty as Estella but a lot nicer. But then comes the part of the book where the title comes in: Pip has “great expectations”, he’s gotten some mysterious benefactor who will pay for his education and who will eventually leave him a large property.

And as soon as Pip get the news of his expectations, he begins acting like a stuck-up snob! He acts like he’s better than everyone “common”, takes great pleasure in people sucking up to him solely because of his new money, and tries to tell Joe he needs to become smarter and more genteel so that Pip can bring him into a higher sphere and have him around without embarassment to himself.

I can only hope that, having gone through one character change, he can go through another. And start quickly, please, Pip! I really do want to like you again.

Part 2

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