Well. That’s Intense.

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I wasn’t expecting to do a post about Neuromancer until I’d actually started reading it. But then, as I was opening up the book to find the first page, the writing inside the cover caught my eye.

“In the recent history of science fiction, there has been no book like Neuromancer, no writing career like that of William Gibson.” It “won all the major science fiction awards of its year”.  “It engendered ‘cyberpunk’… If it was inevitable that the late twentieth century would eventually produce a literary form that linked high technology to the punk esthetic, artificial intelligence with the Sex Pistols, it’s equally true that until Neuromancer it hadn’t been done before– and despite many attempted imitations, nobody has done it since. Here it is. If you haven’t read it, you’ve missed a piece of your lifetime. It will fry your brain and break your heart.”

Wow. Does anyone else feel like that’s a lot of pressure to put on your reader? I feel like the book is shouting at me, “You’d better love this book because if you don’t it means that you’re a total idiot!” And I haven’t read a single word.

I was really just planning on, you know, reading it and deciding for myself whether or not it’s any good. And… that’s what I’m still going to do, no matter what the cover has to say.

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