The Hobbit

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My general impression of The Hobbit? It’s a nice little fantasy adventure. Not very deep or complex in terms of the plot or the characters, but I don’t think that it set out to be.

I did end up enjoying it more than I enjoyed Lord of the Rings things that annoyed me in that book didn’t seem so bad in this one. The songs and poems that I found incredibly boring in LOTR didn’t really bother me in The Hobbit. Maybe they were shorter? Or had more relevance to the plot? It’s a bit hard for me to remember exactly how they were in LOTR now that it’s been a while since I read it. There was another battle scene that I didn’t care for, but it was thankfully short.

Towards the beginning, I wished that it could be more descriptive, but then something occurred to me. Some sentence or other popped out at me in a way that made me wonder how it would sound if I was reading this out loud, perhaps to a child. And then it clicked. That would be the perfect form for this story. I really could picture myself reading this book to my kids someday and adding all the little bits of tone and emphasis in my voice that would make it come to life. And now I actually look forward to doing that. You know, if I ever have kids.

I also ended up rather liking the character of Bilbo. He comes to enjoy the adventure, but he never lets it go to his head. He doesn’t become full of himself or become driven by greediness for the gold. He’s stays loyal to his friends and hopes that everything will turn out for the best for everyone. And he always does what he can. That’s really something to admire.

So, yeah, it was a good book. Not great, but pretty good. Really just a nice little story, which, in my opinion, is just fine.

Three Stars

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