Summer Days

June 4, 2013 at 12:13 pm Leave a comment

Summer is here, and it has really opened up my reading time. I’ve been flying through books this past week, ever since I finished Castle Rackrent. Just for fun, I’ve read Insurgent and How to Say Goodbye in Robot, and now I’ve started on The Hobbit.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of the Irish novels from the 1001 list that I was interested in at any of the libraries in my local system. Thus, The Hobbit. Like Lord of the Rings, it’s on the 1001 list, and since I saw the movie a few months back, I thought it was only fair that I should read the book. I usually have a rule about reading the book first, but some friends at school talked me into it. I was actually surprised that I enjoyed it, given that I rated the Lord of the Rings trilogy at 2 stars and I didn’t like the portion I saw of the first Lord of the Rings movie (although, granted, that was years ago).

I do remember, though, that one of my friends said that The Hobbit is much, much better than Lord of the Rings. He went into quite a bit of detail about how Tolkien hadn’t intended to write a sequel and how basically the whole first book was written while the author was trying to figure out what the plot should be. Well, I wouldn’t know, and I’m honestly a bit too lazy at the moment to bother with verifying that. Come on, it’s summer vacation! But I will see for myself how the books compare. Hopefully, The Hobbit is good, but, even if it’s not, it’ll be one more check mark.

Given that I’ve been reading so quickly lately, I anticipate being done with it quite soon. I have a part time job, but when I’m not working or writing my novel (and my Wattpad book) I have seemingly endless free time ahead of me. I would offer to put some more work into this blog for the next couple months, but I am starting to wonder if anybody really cares.

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Castle Rackrent The Hobbit: Movie vs. Book

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