I’ve Got the Editing Bug

November 17, 2012 at 3:27 pm Leave a comment

I’m back! I’m finally back! After way too many days without any writing at all, I’m working on my novel again. Unfortunately, although I’ve been working for a couple hours now, my word count hasn’t increased very significantly. That’s because I’ve been editing.

I know, I know, you’re not supposed to edit during NaNo. And that’s the exact reason. But, personally, I feel that I’m achieving a lot of good through my editing today. You see, as I considered the last big section I wrote, something about it didn’t seem right. One particular character was just kind of floating there.

“What would she do next?” I asked myself. And I had no clue whatsoever.

“Why is that?” Because all the stuff she did in the last scene doesn’t really make sense. I mean, what was she thinking during all that? How is she feeling about this situation?

So you can see that I had a problem.

Now, my theory of writing is that each event builds upon the one before it, all the way back to the beginning. That’s why whenever I write, I have to do it chronologically, beginning to end, no skipping around. If things in chapter 20 aren’t turning out the way you wanted, you might have to reach as far back as chapter 2 to make the change that will lead to the result you want. And if you have enough things out of whack, you might as well just rewrite the entire thing. That’s the way I do it, anyway.

Now, when I say I’m editing, it’s not like I’m going back and nit-picking over every single word. I’m targeting specific sections where I feel that my characters got off track and pushing them back on. Of course, in doing that, if I come across a typo or realize that a sentence would sound better this way, I can’t help myself. So I’ll admit that there is a side to it that’s not strictly necessary at this point, but all together it’s giving me the vision that I need in order to continue. I’m just trying to follow the way of writing that works for me.

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So Guilty Taking a Break From NaNo

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