Saturdays at College

October 27, 2012 at 5:17 pm Leave a comment

There’s a certain time every Friday afternoon when I look around and suddenly realize that everyone is gone. 95% of the students here live off campus, and the remaining 5%… well, let’s just say that most of them seem to see little value in hanging around on weekends. Many go home, others work, and those of us who are left experience a very particular type of quiet.

Having very little to do, I spent the afternoon reading. At first I was in my dorm room, but when I returned after taking a walk, I found it stifling (I have no real control over the heating). So I left again. It’s a unique feeling to walk through hallways that are normally bustling with people and find them almost completely empty at 3:00 in the afternoon. I could almost have believed myself entirely alone. As I sat outside the library, the only occupant of a large area filled with comfortable chairs, I could hear nothing but the gentle whirring of the ventilation system.

Actually, it was quite relaxing. I got a lot of reading done– over a hundred pages. But it also had a certain strangeness, as though the world outside held a raging blizzard, permitting no one to stir from home, instead of a clear and sunny day in late October. Such are most Saturdays on campus.

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