Reading Update 10/3

October 3, 2012 at 11:33 am Leave a comment

When I went home last weekend, this little package was waiting for me. It’s my very first Early Reviewers book!

For those who don’t know, Early Reviewers is a program for LibraryThing members where you can receive free books in exchange for reviews. I put in requests for several books back in August, and through the luck of the draw (and a few other factors) I was selected to receive a copy of The Victory Lab, a nonfiction book about new techniques that politicians in America are using to win campaigns.

So far I’ve read through chapter one. Since I have limited time to read it and post my review, I’ve added it alongside Olaudah Equiano and Clarissa. Actually, this is a good thing because I’ve found that I need a go-to physical book for when my computer is annoying me with a slow start up or unwillingness to load. Also, after the chapters about Olaudah’s capture and journey through the Middle Passage, I find that it’s not nearly as interesting. That’s probably because he ends up spending a ton of time on various ships, and for whatever reason I’ve never found tales of adventure on the high seas to be interesting. Just look at Life of Pi. Many people love it, including a close friend of mine who’s told me it’s one of her favorites. I gave it one star. I’m pretty sure a big reason for that is simply because the main action takes place in a boat. It’s in a boat with a tiger, but it’s still in a boat.

So, back to Olaudah. I really hope it gets more interesting again. For now I’m basically forcing myself through it because I feel obligated to finish it. List books will do that to me, for better or worse.

Clarissa is still going, although not much is happening. It’s been pretty easy to stay on schedule lately.

Reading Progress

The Victory Lab: page 36 of 321
Olaudah Equiano: 38%
Clarissa: 61% through volume 9 of 9

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The Scarlet Letter

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