No Pressure

September 21, 2012 at 6:30 pm Leave a comment

I spent a lovely afternoon daydreaming about my characters today. Daydreaming really is the most accurate word for it. I didn’t consciously set out to brainstorm or plan the next bit I have to write or do any work on my novel at all, in fact. I was trying to take a nap, in fact, soaking up the warmth of the sunshine streaming through my window and letting off all the stress of the week.

So when my thoughts turned to my novel, all I had to do was provide a gentle push. Just like that, I was coming up with great material. I often wandered off track or dreamed up a situation that got thrown in the mental trash bin once it had run its course, but that didn’t matter because there was no pressure.

I do think there’s something to the idea that a writer should set a schedule and force themselves to work on their current project at those predetermined times. In fact, I’ve been trying something like that for a few weeks now, and I’ve gotten quite a bit done. However, I also think there’s something important about letting the ideas come to you sometimes.

I spent almost an hour during my scheduled time on Tuesday trying to get a hold on characters that I hadn’t properly fleshed out, and by the end I’d only written a few words. The next day was a bit better for that work, but I still only achieved a few paragraphs. Today, just because I was feeling good I came up with the material I’d been trying to force out of myself and more to spare. You can’t rush yourself as a writer.

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